With Children

Texas Uncontested Divorce with Children

My fee for preparing your forms for an uncontested divorce with children totals $ 850.00 and will include the following:

  1. Original Petition without requesting temporary orders or emergency relief.
  2. Waiver of Service for your opposing party to sign.
  3. An Agreed Final Decree of Divorce that includes the Texas Family Code’s Standard Possession Schedule.
  4. Wage Withholding Order.
  5. Script for appearing before the Court to finalize the process.

My fee will not include:

  1. Filing Fees (anticipate up to $ 300.00 depending on your county).
  2. Request for temporary orders or emergency relief.
  3. Documents that divide retirement accounts or real estate.
  4. Amended Petitions or any additional motions during the process.
  5. Child support contempt/enforcement motions.
  6. Any phone contact with you beyond form clarifications, any phone contact with your spouse or an opposing counsel.

You will still need to:

  1. Pay the filing fee in the county where you live.
  2. File the Petition in the county where you live;
  3. File the Waiver in the court where the petition is pending; and
  4. Appear in Court with my script to conclude the process.

Have I retained you as my attorney if you only prepare my forms?

No, since you’re purchasing my forms and not my legal advice.

By definition, your agreement with your spouse means that you do not need legal counsel. As such, you do not need me to provide you with legal advice about the underlying laws that your completed forms are based upon, or educate you on legal concepts that the forms are drafted to cover. You also do not need counsel to advise you about the fairness or thoroughness or your agreement. That’s more expensive than my “Forms Only” service.

Instead, you are purchasing a nonlegal service to make sure that your forms are prepared correctly so that the Court will accept them and finalize your divorce. I will only become your attorney of record at such time that you decide you need an attorney, and I have agreed to accept your case. Afterwards, we’ll both sign an agreement for legal services. Until then, I am only generating your forms based upon your agreements.