Getting Started

Because of my location, I can only offer a flat fee in the following north Texas counties:
Collin County

Dallas County

Denton County

Ellis County

Kaufman County

Rockwall County

Tarrant County

Complete my forms listed below.  Afterwards, I’ll contact you by email if I have any questions or need any clarifications. I’ll need you to provide me with the following items:

  1. Completed Flat Fee Client Property Questionnaire form.
  2. Executed Flat Fee Agreement for Legal Services.
  3. Completed Credit Card Authorization and payment confirmed.

Below is the proposed timetable and conditioned upon your spouse’s cooperation:

Day 1- 5

  • Review Contract and all associated forms.
  • Notify Client via email of acceptance and include receipt.
  • Contact Client via email with any clarification questions.
  • Draft Original Petition and Waiver of Citation.
  • File Original Petition and confirm with client via email.

Day 6 – 10

Return file stamped copy of Petition to Client, receipt for court costs via email attachment.

  • Provide Client with proposed Waiver of Citation for Spouse’s notarized signature and return to J. Durrell Padgitt.
  • Provide Client with Parenting Class information with attorney explanation.
  • Client –  responsible for securing properly executed Waiver from Spouse.  Case may be delayed pending receipt from Client.
  • Client –  responsible for both parents attending court-ordered parenting class and providing Attorney with Certificates of Completion for filing with Court.

Day 10 – 50

  • Prepare proposed Decree of Divorce to Client via email attachment
  • Client – review and submit all corrections, questions, changes within 10 days  of  receipt.
  • Return amended Decree of Divorce for Client and Spouse signatures.
  • Client returns decree signature page with signatures.

Day 50 – 60

Review file for signed Waiver of Citation; completed Parenting Class Certificate, and signature page to Decree.

Day 60+

Compare calendar with client and schedule court appearance.