Disclaimer & No Refund Policy

I am relying on your representation that you have an agreement with your spouse based upon a thorough understanding of the assets in your estate and their values.

But be careful – the value of some assets are not readily apparent, like pensions, profit-sharing plans, and businesses – these assets might represent a larger piece of a community estate than you think. Or, you might be willing to give up too much of your community estate at the front-end in return for ending the marriage quickly – this will have long-term effects, and especially in possible loss of retirement assets.

If you have questions or concerns about these area, only retaining counsel will give you assurances that your agreement is thorough, fair and just.

If you do not have an agreement once things get started, my original flat fee retainer will not be refunded; however, you may contact me at no additional charge to discuss in greater detail the remaining problem areas you’re having and my input about how best to conclude your divorce.  As a licensed attorney with 22 years focused on family law, I will be an immediate resource for you to discuss your situation and the appropriate next step to protect your best interest.