Legal Coach

“Legal Coach” is a term that I have coined for providing a limited legal service to a growing number of people who have a family law matter but do not want the expense of retaining full-time legal counsel. They have decided to represent themselves and only need help understanding the law, spotting the issues, and rehearsing “talking points” to discuss with the opposing counsel or their opposing party.

They will not pay a large retainer for a small amount of work, but see the need for the advice of counsel along the journey and are willing to pay a reasonable fee for legal assistance when the need arises.

As my Legal Coach, specifically how will you help me?

Together, you and I will:

  • Discuss your situation and identify the legal issues that you will need to resolve.
  • Discuss different negotiating strategies that will prepare you for meeting with opposing counsel or your  opposing party.
  • Review and evaluate settlement offers from the opposing party.
  • Review final documents to confirm accuracy reciting your agreement.

As my Legal Coach, are there any legal services that you will specifically not do?

Yes, my legal services will be limited.

Below is a list of those responsibilities that I will not be retained to do for you as a Legal Coach. If you believe that you need help in one or more of the below areas, then you need more than a Legal Coach and should reconsider retaining an attorney to protect you in the below listed areas. As a Legal Coach, I will not

  • Prepare or sign any pleadings, motions or orders to be presented to the Court.
  • Prepare your testimony to present in court.
  • Prepare your evidence for a hearing or at final trial.
  • Initiate any communication with your opposing party or your opposing counsel, or respond to any communication.
  • Negotiate on your behalf.
  • Make any  court appearances or appear with you in any settlement conferences or in mediation.

What are your fees for being my Legal Coach?

My fee for Legal Coach services are $750.00 paid in advance for up to 3 hours in meetings with you, document review, and telephone conferences with you only. The $750.00 fee is not refundable, is fully earned when paid, and guarantees weekend access. If we exhaust the initial 3 hours, then you and I will determine how much more work needs to be done before concluding your case, and what a responsible fee should be for me to help you finalize it.

How do I get started?

Call me to see if retaining me as a Legal Coach is a good fit for you. If it is, then once you have returned my Legal Coach Agreement, and your completed credit card authorization form with payment confirmed, we may schedule our first appointment to begin discussing your case and your appropriate next step.