Getting Started

How do I complete your forms?

I’ll complete the forms for you, not a secretary or a paralegal.  Go to “Downloads” and complete my forms listed below.  Afterwards, I’ll contact you by email if I have any questions or need any clarifications.

  1. Complete my Forms Only Information Sheet.
  2. Sign my Forms Only Waiver.
  3. Complete the Credit Card Authorization Form and payment confirmed.

When may I expect the documents after paying for them?

Within 5 – 7 working days:

You will receive initial petition for proof reading, and a waiver of service for the other side to sign before a notary.  Once you have approved the petition you will need to file it with the District Clerk in your county.  After the petition is filed, you will need to have your opposing party sign the waiver before a notary, and then you’ll need to file the waiver with the District Clerk.

Within 45 working days:

I will provide you with the final decree for your proof reading.  I will also provide you with a completed Austin Form, which will go to Austin on the day your case is concluded by the Court.  If your case involves children, I will also provide you with the Wage Withholding Order for presentation to the Court on the day your case is concluded.

What’s the difference between you and legal forms service?

With my service you’ll have an attorney prepare your forms – not a secretary or a paralegal.

My Guarantee Policy

My legal documents are 100% guaranteed to be accepted by the court where you file them.  I’ll rely on you to approve proper name spelling, birth dates, etc.  If your documents are not accepted by a court due to an error on my part, I will either issue you a 100% refund or correct the problem at my discretion.The American Bar Association House of Delegates recently approved “Best Practices” Guidelines for Legal Information web sites. These guidelines serve as recommendations for how legal information web sites should publish legal information for use by the general public in order to increase the reliability and quality of the legal information and services provided. These guidelines also apply to law firms.  I support these guidelines and attempt to surpass them whenever I can.

Have I retained you as my attorney if you only prepare my forms? No, since you’re purchasing my forms and not my legal advice.

By definition, your agreement with your spouse means that you do not need legal counsel.  As such, you do not need me to provide you with legal advice about the underlying laws that your completed forms are based upon, or educate you on legal concepts that the forms are drafted to cover.  You also do not need counsel to advise you about the fairness or thoroughness or your agreement.  That’s more expensive than my forms preparation service.

Instead, you are purchasing a nonlegal service to make sure that your forms are prepared correctly so that the Court will accept them and finalize your divorce.  I will only become your attorney of record at such time that you decide you need an attorney, and I have agreed to accept your case.  Afterwards, we’ll both sign an agreement for legal services.  Until then, I am only generating your forms based upon your agreements.

What if my spouse changes our agreement?

That’s possible, since the “devil is in the details”.   My original fee for preparing your forms will not be refundable if you do not have an agreement, however, I will be an immediate resource for you.  At no extra charge I will be available to you to review in greater detail the remaining problem areas you’re having either with your spouse or the “agreement” and I’ll share with you my thoughts about how best to conclude your divorce.

What if I still have questions about your service?

Contact me.