What if My Agreement Falls Apart?

If you realize that you need any of the following legal services, then you really don’t have a mutual agreement:

  1. Advice about the soundness of your agreement.
  2. Request temporary orders or emergency relief.
  3. Prepare documents that divide retirement accounts.
  4. Amending the Petition, or preparing additional motions.
  5. Getting tax advice.
  6. Preparing discovery requests or responding to discovery request.
  7. Taking a deposition, or getting notice for your deposition.
  8. Communication with your spouse.
  9. Getting personal service on your spouse if he/she will not sign a Waiver.

In family law, the “devil is in the details”.  It’s common for amicable agreements in family law to unravel once things get started.  Maybe you and your spouse didn’t realize that there were additional pieces to an agreement that you missed, making the agreement more unstable.  Maybe your spouse is being unreasonable and you need to retain counsel to protect your interests.  Maybe communications are getting tougher and emotions are taking over.  Since it’s impossible for an attorney to predict the actions of the other person, or the opposing counsel,  almost all family law attorneys run-away from quoting a flat fee for divorce.

Once we get started and it becomes apparent to me that you require one or more of the above legal services to protect your best interest,  then I’ll conclude that you no longer have a mutual agreement.  My original flat fee retainer will not be refunded; however, you may contact me at no additional charge to discuss in greater detail the remaining problem areas you’re having and my input about how best to conclude your divorce.  As a licensed attorney with a 22 year focus on family law, I will be an immediate resource for you to discuss your situation and the appropriate next step to protect your best interest.