I Need A Litigator

I Need a Family Law Litigator

Cases in family law are emotionally charged and stressful.  Despite your best intentions to keep things calm and amicable,  the dynamics of your case may change quickly.  And, while you may want to preserve peace for your family and limit the legal expense, you will have no control over your opposing party or the opposing counsel.
Since beginning my practice in 1991, I have focused my practice on family law in Dallas and surrounding counties.  My goal has remained the same – protect my client’s best interest and offer my experience for a reasonable fee.  To keep my fees reasonable, I do not pay for a large, intimidating office, and I keep my staff limited to one – me.   When you call my office, I will answer the phone.  If you leave a message, I’m the only one who hears it, and I’m the only one returning your call.  I will explain the law as it applies to your circumstances, and I will assist you through the stress, emotion,  and uncertainty of litigation with responsive and timely communication.  You and I will work together to consider creative ways to bring closure to your situation, find areas of compromise where possible, and prepare for court if necessary.

If children are involved, their best interest will be the Court’s primary consideration, and their best interest will effect the decisions that you and I make on how best to manage your case with the least amount of trauma imposed upon them.

There are many ways to resolve cases without trial, including mediation and collaborative law. I am a big believer in both. However, if you are forced to resolve contested matters in the courtroom, I will be the only attorney preparing your case, interviewing your witnesses, and answering the phone when you call my office.

See what other clients have said about my legal services by referring to the “testimonials” tab and clicking clicking the Avvo link.  Afterwards, call me to discuss the specifics of your situation.