With Children

Flat Fee Divorce with Children

My flat fee for a divorce that includes children totals $ 2,500.00 plus court costs since more work is involved.  I will prepare (filing fee included):

  1. Original Petition without requesting temporary orders or emergency relief;
  2. Waiver of Service for your opposing party to sign;
  3.  An Agreed Final Decree of Divorce or Modification that only includes the Standard Possession Schedule out of the Texas Family Code.
  4. Includes one deed to convey real estate.
  5. Wage Witholding Order.
  6. Appearing with you in Court to finalize the process.

As a flat-fee client, you will not be retaining me to:

  1.  Advise you about the soundness of your agreement.
  2. Request temporary orders or request emergency relief.
  3. Prepare documents that divide retirement accounts.
  4. Amend the Petition, or prepare any additional motions during the process.
  5. Offer tax advice.
  6. Prepare discovery request or respond to discovery request.
  7. Take or defend depositions.
  8. Communicate with your spouse.
  9. Secure personal service on your spouse if he/she will not sign a Waiver.
  10. Itemized invoice for legal services.

If your case requires any of the above items, then I will conclude that you do not have an agreement, our flat fee contract will terminate,  and you will allow me to withdraw unless you become a fee-based client.

With a flat fee representation I will not prepare an itemized bill since you are not being billed on an hourly rate.